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Brooklyn-based TAOTSS’s newest full-length LP, Sun Songs, is a narrative journey as told by Zachary J. Ellis through poetic prose-like lyrics and punk rock that embodies a folk-punk aesthetic. Funded by a PledgeMusic campaign with the support of his fans, the album was recorded in various homes and spaces around Brooklyn featuring several artists and fixtures in the Bushwick community.


released January 5, 2015

Sun Songs was recorded and produced by Zach Ellis and was Mixed by Zach and Andy Swerdlow. Mastering by Andy Swerdlow of Pro Solutions. Album art by Collin Resch

Musicians Featured:

Vox and guitar on all tracks by Zach Ellis(also whatever other fun junk you hear that's not listed)

Zach Ellis- Guitar/Vox
Dave Susman- Lead Guitar
Ryan Martin- Drums
Sam Yield- Bass

Zach Ellis- Guitar/Vox
Dave Susman- Lead Guitar
Ryan Martin- Drums
Sam Yield- Bass
Nathan Oglesby- Banjo
Kenny Wang- Viola
Liana Gabel- Vocals

Zach Ellis- Guitar/Vox
Chris Abbadessa- Slide Guitar
Dave Susman- Lead Guitar
Sam Yield- Bass
Kenny Wang- Viola
Nathan Oglesby- Banjo
Ryan Martin- Drums

Zach Ellis- Guitar and Vox
Chris Abbadessa- Slide Guitar
Sam Yield- Bass
Ryan Martin- Drums
Liana Gabel- Back Up Vox

Zach Ellis- all the silly instruments
nobody wants to play with me

Zach Ellis- Guitar/Vox
Dave Susman- Lead Guitar
Kenny Wang- Viola
Ryan Martin- Drums
Sam Yield- Bass
Nathan Oglesby- Banjo

Zach Ellis- Guitar/Vox
Nathan Oglesby- Banjo
Dave Susman-Lead Guitar
Sam Yield- Bass
Aubrey Burke- Piano

Zach Ellis- Bass/Guitar/Beats/Vox
Sir Kn8 the Knight of the New- words(2:57-4:15)
Fritz Cook- words (4:07-?)

Zach Ellis-Guitar/Vox
Sam Yield- Bass
Leslie Hong- Vox
Blade Rogers- Space sounds and Lead Guitar
Dave Susman- Lead Guitar
Nathan Oglesby- Banjo
Ryan Martin- Drums



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The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman Brooklyn, New York

"Sprung from Lou Barlow-like crinkly pop, the marauding melodies, two-or-more guitar dualing and shadowy stories move it into dark urban alley territory."

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Track Name: Don't Know What I'm Looking For
I don't know what I'm looking for
But I know that I can't force it
I don't know what I'm trying to be
But I know that I am being
I'm not exactly self employed
But I try and make my way through
All these bumps that make it a ride
But tend to pop my tires

We're all just swimming in the sea
Hoping a golden age of love will set us free
But it's up to you and it's up to me
To be the people that we want to be

And if you don't know how the story goes
Then go out and right one
And with the pushing of the wind that blows
Sail right for the sun
And if you're sinking like a heavy stone
Pull up your anchor
and if the sky looks like an inclosed dome
fly fists outward

We're all just snipping off the leaves
Making pretty little nuggets out of the weeds
We're all just planting little trees
Hoping they grow real tall and one day learn to weep
Track Name: Modern War Swords
I look out my window
Earth is spinning slow
The moon reflects the morning sun
The day is never truly done
So let's dance in the dark
And when the rain come's down
We'll dance then too

When the morning comes
And brings it with the sun
I will want my solitude
And I will sing a song for you
And dance in the light
And when golden rays come down
We'll dance then too

I will write the story board
Of a hero in this modern war
and makes it all worth while

Who cries out like a warrior
And does it all for no reward
And does it with a smile
Track Name: Zierra
I went looking for some silver and all I found were some songs
I had been hiking through the dessert and all my water was gone
And like a lost and lonesome folk song I was just tumbling along
And when I walked in your apartment and all the lights were still on
And you were covering the art up on the walls
We built a statue that stood so straight and tall
I fell for you your skinny legs and all-bany
Your fury heart touched mine and that was all

The arrows sank in deeper as we gazed up at the stars
There lay a river in between us but we said we'd build a barge
And as the snow fell lightly on me and you held the blazing sun
We had a low connection phone line but a love burning strong
And you drove across the states to make it to my home
I stayed awake I couldn't sleep at all
Your face looked so excited at the door
I could stay and lay with you forever more

If I'd looked in Nevada could've saved me some time
but time is an illusion often buried in wine
so I'll stick to the solution of living on high
Breathe in the air of the Sierras and float through the sky
I Fly high above the ghost ship I had known
Home is when my hand touches yours and holds
Then all I see is glitter and gold
And I hope the path we walk together goes and bends
And side by side we make it till the end
Though if we don't I'll always love you
Know that and hold it through the darkest and the coldest
Times that you might have to be alone
Track Name: Tiny Portable Sun
It's all the same cosmic fairy dust that churns love from lust and hypnotizes us
With the beauty of it's hills and it's soft golden pastures filled with love, warmth, and laughter
It's this ability to create, it's these decisions innate, it's all vague like a memoir
Jason said Big Sur was the best book Jack ever wrote but I wouldn't know 'cause I haven't yet read it
The ocean tells me it's incredible though and keeps telling me it's all so incredible
Such a life we lead and such truth we seek and breathe in to the bags that we sleep in
These ancient trees help me make believe and tell me to keep on dreaming
"On and on chase the sun and chase the sea and don't forget to breathe"
"make it cool and make it fun and make it light like a tiny portable sun"

I'm awake again on the side of a cliff and it feels like the moon
Today I'll spend my time mending my mind and learning to bend with the rhythm of the sea
Talking with friends and telling stories that send shivers down to the tender ends of my tendrils again
I clear my head as this woman said she used to follow the dead so grateful but to nowhere led
And if my friends ask me why I've gone I'll say well that depends on the why where and when's
'Cause shit I don't even know if I'm anywhere at all in the end so why does it matter where I am
And to anyone who's hateful or shameful worry not cause it's all pretend just give it a shot
'Cause maybe I'm not me and I'm not worthy cause what is anyone really worth other then exactly what they are? It's following your heart to an unknown end and maybe this just goes on forever and I'm just a carrier of physical mass soaked in soft matter reformed manipulated and reinvented into something sweet yet brash maybe we're just all friends trying to make it last. Chasing the relics of the past on a vast communal love tramp constantly changing paths or maybe we're just trash
Who's gonna take out the trash?
Track Name: Penis Glove
Leslie says mold grows like love
So I'll protect my penis with a penis glove
'Cause with the sludge inside my sack
I could make another Zach
Who'd be born into this dark and scary world

There's a tornado of sound and it's spinning all around me
and in the vortex is silence and love
and my blood is awfully thick
but if you gave me a good prick
It'd coming rushing out and shortly I would die

I've been trying to transcend to the spirit world
Slowly climb up the ladder of faith
But I'm just riding in my van down the interstate
Trying to love all the things that I hate

As my mind it slowly drifts and I finally can think
With the pure and open essence of my soul
Through the universe I skate and I wonder how to make
Something lovely with the money that I stole
What makes the great ones great is the decisions to create
Put forth their hearts and follow their desire
Let's make a world of any shape
Cause we can mold it like it's clay
And we're done then we can burn it in the fire
Track Name: The Ill Poet
Postpone the utter carnal wisdom
I've got my brain I'm feeling weird
Judgement creepy creepy crawling
Along the tightrope towards my ears
Nowhere to hide so I'll just shine
No more running from the fear
I drank the poison now I can't tell
which life to lead and which ways hell

I'll hold the moment frozen open
The molten sun can only heal
To pierce the darkness embrace the greatness
and hold up your end of the deal
Illiterate poet of infinite knowledge
my vision's drowned in shitty beer
and you didn't know this but I just stole this
And I'll just say it out right here

I'm armed to feed and I can breed
and I can bathe in my disease
When silver spits then my head quits wondering what I'm supposed to be
I'm getting on not getting off I'm cleaning out my bloody sheets
If i seem put off apologies just trying to swim a sea of greed
When all i need's to breathe deep stand up and lock my knees
Rip right through open seems

Just like the battle on the hill where shots were fired and people killed
On I'll babble about my will while sorrow follows blood that's spilled
A void so hollow like shattered bottles that never ever get refilled
And come tomorrow the buried bodies will lay forever buried still

Before I proceed I'll state my needs and openly profess my worth
Inside my deeds that I'll admit they aren't great but could be worse
Impending hers that take the him's and swallow down the potent seed
That makes me me and her so sweet and tastes like sugar soaked in birth
And pleases me and takes me forth with silent words of open verse
The swerving hearse impending death the road it goes so don't you guess
On where you'll end and where you'll send all the truth that you have learned
Now's all there is and all there was no matter what you think you've earned
Dog o dog dead dog blind dog run high jump high come high up above my low side
How high can you jump?
I will fight open eyed open lung
Track Name: Hope I'm Helping the World
I Hope I'm helping the world
There's a vision at breast in my inquisitive chest
I'm only half dry and my hair is a mess
I'm floating freer
On the river of life on my open boat
Slowly onward forth down the circular moat
How did I get here?
The last I recall I was asleep in my nest
And then I ate something stringent now I'm lost in my head
I don't have a clue and I don't have a bed
And the world is a place that I mostly don't get
But I'm here…

So I'll embrace the devisions with precision and guess
On the direction that suits my vision the best
To love the life I lead will be my only quest
Not to fear death or be afraid to invest
And be a be'er

'Cause I'm the maker and I am here
and when I look at things I try not to sneer
Cause it's awfully rude but some things shouldn't be here
Like tiny little doggies living in the free'er
World of bigger doggies sniffing on their rears
I love both my parents and they both are skiers
I love to show and I love to smell
I love to listen and I love to tell
I'm so in love with every fucking one of you
Track Name: Free Jazz
You said you want to be a pop singer?
You should really be a do gooder
Wasn't trying to be a pot slinger
But I never said I shoulda coulda
I like reading on the Walt whitman
I like bleeding on my equipment
I hope I aint accosting ya
but damn baby you a rind dinga(ding)
I like the taste of chocolate doll
but shitty sugar gimme bad head ache

Why you tryna be a plate spinner
You should be learning how to make dinner
I like to bike for a long distance
And when I shoot I like a big target
Don't call me santa I don't give presents
I aint no king but I'm a chill peasant
Track Name: Eat Me Alive
Be happy or dwell in my dread
I will run in to the suns unholy darkness
I will be with buzzing bees among the garbage

Haunt me for I am free
To be a slave inside this gauntlet
The garden goes and all I know will be forgotten
And from my head down to my toes will all go rotten

And see your foreign dream
is really near and it'll taunt you
If you let your fear keep you where
you don't want to be
No sudden moves or you'll be stung but you're a strong dude, see?

Eat me alive or bury me with my friends
Be happy or dwell in my dread
There's a bug on the wall next to my bed
And I won't go to sleep just yet
Not at least until I try and forget
That I'm alone with my disappearing breathe
But an antler grown from the deer's all knowing head
I'm a bone in this living breathing chest